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Why every company needs bespoke website design

Bespoke Website design

Digicool offer clients a bespoke service for website design London / Hertfordshire / Uxbridge / Watford / Middlesex.

Prospective customers increasingly search online for products and services. For small, medium-sized and large companies alike, a business without a quality website can be compared to a physical shop without an entrance door – quite unthinkable.

Here, we review why a bespoke website design service is so important to create the right impression and a luxurious customer experience, especially in the competitive, modern marketplace.

First impressions are important

These days, your business website is crucial for the success of the product or service on offer, as well as the brand identity and company image. A site with a luxurious look and feel is likely to attract more customers, as visitors prefer to see and experience a professional online transaction – not one that is error prone, slow to complete or difficult to read. A straightforward online experience will add value, with a higher ratio of conversions from prospective customers to sales. Customer retention will also be increased, meaning more repeat business and referrals.


Quality counts

A number of Internet hosting companies offer pre-designed templates. Unfortunately, these pre-built themed designs are rather quick and cheap; they do not provide a unique business identity. The general impression when the page loads on customers’ screens may not even be similar to your own business – worse still, it may resemble a competitor.

The latest standards and technology

Bespoke websites use the latest HTML version and coding standards, designed to enable them to work well with search engines. This compatibility (which is also referred to as being ‘SEO friendly’) is invisible in the programming code, yet is a key factor to achieve high rankings in search results.

With the increasing use of mobile devices to read email and search the Internet, it is important that a company’s web presence is mobile friendly. Our professional design service includes browser and device compatibility checks, which are carried out in full. You can be sure, therefore, that the pages on your site are browser independent – i.e. optimised to display well on all leading Internet browsers such as MS Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and others. The development and test team will also ensures that each page displays correctly on different devices – whether full-size monitors or mobile devices with smaller screens (tablet PCs or smartphones).

The advantages of a bespoke design service

In addition to ensuring your company web pages are optimised for different browsers and formats, your company website will be created with pages that meet your exact specifications and logo or corporate look, so they clearly belong to your company. This is most important for online identity and customer recognition, with clarity and consistency evident throughout the site.

In combination, this attention to detail ensures that the overall visitor and customer experience is positive.

Website owners are also offered a Content Management System (CMS). This makes bespoke websites easy to administer and maintain, with an easy to use interface providing full control over the website. This website maintenance system allows you to make quick updates to the online content, should you wish to do so.

Whether your project is to be built from the ground up or is a refinement to an existing project, we ensure clients’ ideas are backed up with the latest technology and luxurious design. Technically speaking, custom-built websites are programmed using the most recent CSS protocols and W3C HTML coding standards. We also offer support in the unlikely event of technical problems, with a wealth of experience, advice and information on hand.

Exceeding your expectations

If you are conscious of the need for an effective digital strategy in your corporate web presence, our team will be delighted to help with comprehensive design and consultancy. As specialists, we will ensure that your unique business or company’s online presence is of the highest standard. We aim to delight with appearance, general site performance and speed, with efficient coding and tools for the best response.

In short, your website will be exactly right for your business, with its own unique identity and recognisable for its seamlessness and high quality. A properly designed and professionally built website from a bespoke developer will bring your business the best results. Crucially, it will promote your professional image and can be seen as a long-term investment.

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