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The importance of a great user interface

Why Creating a Great User Interface is Important for Business

The importance of creating a good user interface for your website or app cannot be underestimated. Here are a few reasons why it is so important for your website visitors.

Simplicity is Key

Nobody wants to be confused, frustrated or led down the wrong path, which is why web design professionals go to great lengths to maintain a high level of simplicity with any site or user interface they create. The task of producing an easy-to-use interface involves taking all the complexity of the design and moving it to the back-end, leaving an intuitive and automated front-end for the user to interact with. Ultimately, you want users to follow through with their actions, whether that’s purchasing a product or finding a piece of information; maintaining a high level of simplicity will help them to achieve these things.

Keeping Consistent

Many aspects of websites and apps change all the time, so it’s vital that your user interface can adapt to these variables without compromising on its core layout. This ability to be consistent with your UI only comes from good design practices, which involve a great deal of planning and expertise. Websites like Amazon and Facebook have clear layouts that remain in place no matter what products are on sale or how many users sign up for their services. The result of this is that people know what to expect and how to navigate their sites, resulting in an excellent user experience and great conversion rates.

Consumer Trust is Vital

Trust is a very important word in business, especially when it comes to online marketing. From giving out personal details to spending hard-earned money on products and services, a great UI will persuade users that they can put this level of trust in your brand. Simple and easy web design is a big part of nurturing trust, but those who visit your site will also judge your business on what they see, and how easy it is to use; allowing you to market yourself with different styles and graphics as you strive to maximise credibility.

It’s All About the Conversions

A website that doesn’t turn visitors into customers is not doing its job. The site interface needs to convey the right information and perform the intended actions if you’re to reach your desired level of conversions. This comes from strategically positioning the call-to-action clearly, having a contact page that’s always just a click away, and prioritising the right information. You want the customer to be satisfied with their user experience because this will increase loyalty and reduce the levels of site abandonment that many online brands suffer from.

Developing Fantastic User Experiences

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