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Important Trends in Digital Content Management

A well assembled Content Management System (CMS) will allow you to design, manage, edit, and maintain your business website pages using just one interface. With a CMS, organisations can easily create websites for themselves and even for their clients. These digital systems help in streamlining web design and publishing of content, making sure that both your workflow and site are streamlined.

Why Your Business Needs a Digital CMS

  • Improving your Online Branding
  • Extensibility
  • Improving your Customer Service
  • Mobile Optimisation.
  • Trends in Content Management

There’s however a rather very scary truth that cannot be escaped in the digital marketing field: it’s either you remain ahead of the curve or you go down. To merely keep up is not sufficient – today’s market is highly competitive and changes are occurring very fast and frequently.

Staying ahead, more than anything else means you must keep well informed regarding both current and potential future trends. It’s vital to know how changes are occurring in the market and what those changes means for your own efforts in digital marketing.

Among the most significant trends in the Digital Content Management realm include:

1. Spending on Content Creation will Increase

The last couple of years have proven one fact: that content marketing is very effective. If it is to retain its edge, you just can’t afford to relax in your content creation and its management. You always must be alert for more openings of creating content and building the best CMS team possible.

With more money being channelled into digital content, organising, sharing and managing your digital assets is becoming increasingly more and more important if you are maximise on the potential benefits coming from those investments.

2. Improved Information Governance

Perhaps the most important single step that your business could take is to efficiently manage its information. This is not just an IT or compliance function, but is now increasingly being viewed as part of your business itself. When implemented strategically, intelligent document classification and filing can become a huge productivity tool. Improved efficiency and accuracy are the obvious rewards to CMS that is effective.

Many forward looking companies are moving a step ahead through making investments in digital asset management systems. This facilitates collecting all marketing assets into a single searchable and secure library. Such a centralised library makes it possible for your employees to locate quickly assets needed for marketing efforts, plus easy sharing between partners, teams, and corporate customers.

This means that in order to stay on par or ahead of other digital marketers, you need to find effective ways of organising, managing and sharing your content including videos and photos for SEO purposes. For your 2016 SEO company London / Hertfordshire / Uxbridge / Watford / Middlesex efforts, well organised assets become a huge advantage.

3. Integration with Business Apps

In the past, Digital CMS has been predominantly a function of IT. Aligning your CMS with several other business applications could be tricky. This is the reason why there is increasing demand to see more integration with other business systems like Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and accounting. Developing efficient data workflows into such daily business systems will create huge gains in productivity.

4. Growth in Mobile Content Management

Support for mobile applications is increasingly becoming vital for the modern business as employees (and clients) move from the traditional office desk and begin to work with (and rely) more on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. In fact, today much of business traffic is being generated by mobile users and this is only going to continue growing. When planning for your digital marketing and its management, this is something that planners must always bear in mind.

5. Hybrid Cloud-Based ECM

While everybody wants to enjoy the convenience brought by the Cloud, there’s also quite a lot that can be said in terms of the security that comes with having all your stuff stored locally. This is basically the reason why hybrid cloud-based storage solutions are starting to draw lots of attention. They allow the cloud benefits while keeping all your sensitive information and data secured firmly on some local server. Recently, some SEO company London / Hertfordshire / Uxbridge / Watford / Middlesex third-party enterprises have been checking into the potential of adapting their cloud based services into more of a hybrid model, with some good level of success.


Whether you’re an expert in marketing or a client, a smart digital content management helps in streamlining nearly all of your routine day-to-day business demands. With a good CMS in place, it now becomes possible to spend less time staring at your PC screen and more valuable time doing actual business.

Looking ahead, CMSs are once again set for huge changes. By thoroughly understanding these important market trends and being ready for them, you will always stay ahead of the pack. Being on the cloud is not enough; you must understand what you are actually doing with it!

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