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Data Services and Technology

Data Services and Technology in the Contemporary Business Sector

The exponential growth of corporate data being witnessed today is here to stay. This is being fuelled by a huge proliferation of technological devices, and new data creation and consumption channels. At the same time, the variety, velocity, and volume of data that needs to be analysed by organisations is rapidly changing. Uncovering any useful insights from this massive data will require effective aggregation, integration, gleaning and validation techniques as well as skills.

However, it goes beyond the typical technology capability of the standard organisation to generate or uncover the right kind of insights that will ultimately accelerate real time value. This is because the whole corporate data sector has become quite complex. This is where outsourcing of data management services step in.

Corporate clients will always seek technical assistance with their big data after experiencing some sort of growth event or change in their business. Data services and technology consulting helps corporate clients address particular issues associated with their data. Leading enterprises and organisations are increasingly identifying and putting into action professional services that can enhance business processes.

Big Data Management Services

Professional data and technology services enable businesses to conceptualise, design and drive a big data program that is well thought-out. This can be implemented across multiple focus areas and domains, enabling the business to realise the twin objectives of increasing operational efficiency and revenue maximisation. This is achieved through helping organisations get deeper customer insights that will lead to newer sources of revenue. Another benefit is plugging revenue leakages as well as in detecting fraud and hence drive profitability.

Some of the areas where such data services step in to add value include:

1. Merging and Integrating Databases

A leading advantage to be derived from data management services is the consistent implementation of your data management guidelines across your multiple platforms data domains, while ensuring data provision is timely and secure. These are the fundamental building blocks towards achieving customer intimacy (through offering a seamless customer experience), the only sure route to profitability.

2. Data Conversions

If your organisation is concerned with the volume of information that needs to be keyed in, professional outsourced services can be of much help. These services offer data conversion services to big data consumers who are keen not to lose their data history. This is particularly vital after upgrading existing programs or installing new ones.

3. Data Scrubbing

Data scrubbing or data cleansing entails detecting, correcting and removing any information or data in your database that could be having some kind of error. The error could have been caused by inaccurate entry, incompleteness or being improperly formatted. This process also entails making the available data more consistent with your business data needs.

What is most vital is that the data cleaning or scrubbing is carried out without compromising quality or exposing your organisation. This is a service that can be professionally handled by outsourced services as they have the competencies required.

4. Upgrades Installation

Data services and technology providers can also assist in updating your system efficiently and quickly. If your current data management system requires additional programming or extensions, they can be of great help as they have the required technological skills in safely extracting and transferring data across multiple platforms.

5. Developing Reporting Tools

Professional data services can assist you in developing interactive, beautiful, and functional analytics-driven business reporting tools. Well designed interactive data representations will allow your teams to analyse and manipulate complex data on various platforms making it functional and informative.

6. Reduce Risk and Redundancy

Data management services help in reducing risk and redundancy in your business technology landscape. They make sure that there is only one true source for both data management and data access. Additionally, they supply invaluable tools through mapping of service dependencies, relationships, policies, processes, and applications.

When you add data management services to your business assets, you get a clearer picture of how your data, business and application layers are aligned. Service compliance and performance becomes easily reportable throughout the entire organisation landscape.


Data assists businesses stay informed and cuts down levels of risk. It helps in making suitable decisions using real-time analytics. Businesses obtain new and better trade insights, facts that contribute to the bottom line and ROI.

A very broad view of your data that spans the entire organisation allows you to design a useful and flexible data plan. The successful integration of all such vital components requires a comprehensive and supportive technological platform that delivers:

  • Business application website design and integration
  • A flawless website design and data service architecture
  • A service-oriented integration infrastructure.

The value that can potentially be obtained from data management services will however be limited by the quality of the available data. As such, the real value derived from those data and technological services is significantly enhanced when at the onset you ensure your business gathers and maintains relevant and useful corporate data.

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